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As an Accredited State Chapter of The National Children’s Alliance, The Oregon Network of Child Abuse Intervention Centers (CAICs) is a collaborative group of Member Centers and their satellites, serving children throughout the state when there are concerns of abuse. Our services include:


Strong community CAICs reduce trauma, and improve outcomes for children who may be victims of child abuse. Every CAIC in Oregon may become a member of The Network.

Networking and Mentoring

Information sharing and collaboration are imperative to building successful Centers that are positioned well to meet the needs of their communities. Creating networking and mentoring opportunities enables Center Directors and key staff to share experiences and best practices improving their work across the state.

Education and training

In order to position centers to best meet the needs of children in their communities, The Network creates and helps coordinate statewide training opportunities for professionals.


We believe as a collective voice for children in our state, we can achieve greater change by advocating for systemic improvements and financial support to impact the lives of children who have been traumatized by abuse.

Technical Services

To ensure that every child in Oregon has access to quality and comprehensive services when there are concerns of abuse, The Network is dedicated to assisting centers in meeting national best practice standards and to aid communities in Oregon who are considering developing child abuse intervention centers.