About Us

The Network is a nonprofit 501(c)3 working to strengthen and transform Oregon’s child abuse prevention and response systems. We partner with Member Centers throughout the state that provide necessary services such as medical exams, forensic interviews, family advocacy, therapy, and community outreach and prevention education.

Together, we collectively aim to prevent abuse before it happens and provide child-focused, healing-centered response to reduce trauma for children when abuse is suspected

our-mission-and-vision-image We transform Oregon’s child abuse prevention and response by strengthening children’s advocacy centers, training first responders, and leading statewide initiatives to ensure that all children receive quality, comprehensive, healing-centered care.    

Every Oregon child has access to quality child abuse prevention, assessment, and healing services, so they can thrive - safe, secure, and full of hope.


Our History

In 1995 Child Abuse Intervention Centers (CAICs) in Oregon joined together to establish the Oregon Network of Child Abuse Intervention Centers, commonly referred to as “The Network”. Realizing the common goals shared by all CAICs--the Network served to unify, strengthen, and connect CAICs. Our collaborations both promote national best practice standards and honor the unique needs of each community.

In 2009, The Network hired its first staff member and by 2019 has grown to a staff of three.
The Network became an Accredited State Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance in 2010. In 2018, the Network added child abuse prevention to its mission, supporting the direction many Centers have taken – to provide education, resources, and tools so that all community members are empowered to keep kids safe.

In May 2018, the Network hired the second Executive Director in its history, Becky Jones. The Network is excited to enhance and expand our support of CAICs, especially those in rural and frontier communities, and to build an Oregon with a brighter future through strong public and private partnerships.

The Network is an organization comprised of 18 member Centers and their satellites. It is our
mission to provide a collaborative network of child abuse intervention centers working together
to ensure quality, comprehensive services to provide Oregon’s children the best possible
opportunity to grow up healthy and safe. The Network is an Accredited State Chapter of the
National Children’s Alliance and partners with local, regional, and national partners on issues
that impact our response to child abuse victims in Oregon.

The member centers of the Network are diverse both in structure and terms of the communities
they serve, however their mutual goals bring them to the Network to collaborate and to
participate in the best standards of practice expected of Child Abuse Intervention Centers
in Oregon. Through communication, collaboration, cooperation and support, the Network
strengthens the ability of individual child abuse intervention centers in the State of Oregon to
accomplish their missions and to advocate for the rights and needs of children.