How you can make a difference

donate-page-imageThe Network’s primary goal is to end trauma for abused children in Oregon by supporting a collaborative network of child abuse intervention centers working together to ensure quality, comprehensive services for all of Oregon’s children. In order to fulfill this mission, we need the support of our community members.

How does child abuse affect you?

At first glance, child abuse may seem like someone else’s problem, a terrible tragedy that thankfully is not yours to cope with. However, in reality the impact of child abuse is felt in every community throughout our state.

Children who are abused and neglected are more likely to perpetuate juvenile and adult crimes, to have problems with alcohol and drug abuse and experience a wide variety of emotional disorders.Through no fault of their own, child victims of abuse have a greater likelihood of leading lives that negatively affect our society as a whole. However, with proper care and intervention, there is hope.

There are three simple ways for you to make a difference:

1. Donate directly to The Network

The Oregon Network of Child Abuse Intervention Centers plays a key role in insuring the best possible care for victims of child abuse throughout the state of Oregon. By bringing centers together, The Network creates an opportunity for every CAIC in Oregon to collaborate on initiatives to strengthen our community response to child abuse and to improve services statewide through training and support for implementing best practices.

2. Contribute to your local Child Abuse Intervention Center

By supporting your community Child Abuse Intervention Center you are helping to provide children throughout our state with the chance to grow up healthy and safe. CAICs provide forensic interviews,medical evaluations, and access to resources such as therapy, support, and treatment. These services are essential in the path to recovery for victims of abuse and their care-givers; however they come at a very real financial cost. Your contributions help to insure that every CAIC in Oregon can continue to fulfill the very vital role they play in our children’s future. Click here to find your local Center.

3. Make a donation of your time and energy as a volunteer at your local Child Abuse Intervention Center

There are many opportunities to make a difference at every CAICs, from working in the center on a regular basis to helping out at special events and everything in between. Get in touch with your local center to learn about specific opportunities today. Click here to get involved.